Vintage Porsche Speedster

The speedster replica first hit the market in the 1970’s. Early manufacturers used a shortened VW pan and without the proper reinforcement the cars lacked the solid feel which led to the infamous “jack test”. If one were to lift the car with a jack, due to the body flex, the car doors would no longer close properly. Vintage Speedsters engineered a new type of structure starting with there first speedster produced in 1988.

Vintage Speedsters uses a custom built, jig welded, 2x4 inch 11-gauge steel frame. An original VW pan is restored, shortened and welded to the new steel skeleton. The rigid new structure retains the original VW pan designed by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche and integrates the largest frame possible. All of Vintage Speedster custom built speedsters easily pass the “jack test”.  In addition, the steering wheel is offset slightly, just as an original speedster.

While some manufacturers will lead the customer to believe the use of a VW pan is inferior, it’s hard to argue with some facts.

1) Volkswagen produced over 21,000,000 cars using the pan design.
2) Vintage Speedsters hand built over 3000 speedsters.
3) Over 90% of the speedsters being sold today are built by Vintage Speedster.


Vintage Speedsters use new VW air-cooled engines, suspension components and brakes.  There isn’t a mechanic working today that can’t maintain and work on a VW engine or chassis.  This is a very simple car that is built to last and deliver many miles of enjoyment.


A real restored Porsche Speedster in today’s market can easily bring over $300,000.  The Vintage Speedster is so well done that it would take an expert to be able to determine that it is a replica at a quick glance.  So if you don’t say anything nobody will know the difference.


Truspeed Motorcars specializes in air-cooled Porsche sales and service.  We have inspected many of the replicas on the market today and we have been very impressed with the fit and finish of the Vintage Speedster car.  So much so that we have become the West Coast distributor for them.  We are confident that you will come to the same conclusion that we have and see the value in these cars.   


2011 Speedster Specifications (standard options)

Rear Engine
Rear-wheel drive

ENGINE (1600 cc)
Bore and stroke:69 by 85.5
Compression ratio:7. 9
Cylinders:boxer four
Type:Air-cooled, double carbureted
Valves:2 Valves per cylinder
Horsepower:70 HP
ENGINE (1915 cc)
Bore and stroke:69 by 94
Compressionratio: 8.1
Cylinders:boxer four
Type:Air-cooled, double carbureted
Valves:2 Valves per cylinder
Horsepower:85 HP
Battery type:12 VOLT
Alternator type:12 VOLT BOSHE
Ignition system:VW
Transaxle:4speed manual
4:11: 1 final drive or 3:88: 1 final drive
Front: disc dimensions: 11” type 3 VW Rear: drum
Handbrake: mechanical on rear wheels
Front Suspension:torsion bar more specific VW
Rear Suspension:torsion bar more specific VW
Steering:Worm & Pinion ratio
Standard Wheels:steel wheels 15" x 5.5"
Upgraded Wheels: 
Tires:steel belted 165 SR 15 radials
Upgraded tires:185R 65 15
Body:hand-laid fiberglass
Sub-Frame: gauge steel
Chassis:Stamped Steel (using refurbished 1960’s Type 1 VW chassis)
DIMENSIONS (exact dimensions needed)
Wheelbase:83.5 inches
Track:56 inches
Curb weight:1600 lbs
Fuel Capacity:8 GAL
Fuel Type:Unleaded octane 91
PERFORMANCE for both motors
Top Speed:90 MPH
Fuel consumption:30 HWY